Første sæson

Trylleformular som giver evnerne (Phoebe):
Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night,
The oldest of Gods are invoked here
Great work of magic is sought.
In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power
Bring your powers to we sisters three
We want the power, give us the power.

Trylleformular til at dræbe Jeremy (Piper):
Your love wither and depart from my life and my heart,
Let me be, Jeremy, and go away forever.

2) Trylleformular til at dræbe Javna (de tre søstre):
Evil eyes, look unto thee
May they soon extinguished be.
Bend they will to the power of three,
Eye of earth, evil and accursed.

3) Trylleformular til at dræbe naboerne (tre søstre):
In the circle that is home,
Evil"s gone and safety roams,
Rid these beings from our walls,
Save sisters three now hear our call.

5) Kærlighedsformular (Phoebe & Piper):
I conjure thee
I conjure thee
I"m the Queen you"re to be
As I desire so shall it be.

8) Sandhedsformular (Prue):
For those who wants the truth revealed
Open thy hats and secrets on seal
From now and until it"s now again
From now which the memories end
For those who are now in this house
Only truth will be heard from their mouths.

9) Trylleformular til at putte Matthew i medaljonen (Melinda):
Outside of time, outside of gain
The life that haunts before

Trylleformular til at dræbe alle kommende Phoebe’er i hvilket som helst liv (Prue og Piper)
Evil witch in my sight
Vanquish thyself, Vanquish thy might
In this life and every future life

Phoebes nye version af Tidligere Liv trylleformular (Phoebe)
(For at ombytte to sjæle fra nutid til fortid)
In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displace
Bring it forth while I go back
To inhabit a soul so black

Trylleformular til at ombytte to sjæle fra fortid til nutid (Phoebe)
In this time and in this place
Take this spirit I displaced
Bring me forth while she goes back
To her soul so black

37) Trylleformular til at sende tegn (Phoebe)
I beseech all powers above
Send a sign to free my sister"s heart
One that will lead to her love.

38) Trylleformular som giver Maggie held (Prue)
From this moment on,
your pain is erased
Your bad luck as well
Enjoy your good luck Maggie,
You"re free from this hell.

39) Trylleformular til at tilkalde Kryto (Gail, Helen og Amanda)
We call on the demon Kryto
Reach back throughout the ages
Humble by his power
We invite him into our circle

Trylleformular til at tage heksenes kræfter og til at få krafterne igen (Gail, Amanda og Helen, senere af Prue,Piper og Phoebe)
Powers of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies

Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here

Trylleformular til at besejre Kryto(Phoebe)
What witches done and then undone
Return this spirit back within
And separate him from his skin

40) Trylleformular til at forvise Illusionens Dæmon (Phoebe)
Evil that has travelled near,
I call on you to disappear,
Elementals hear my call,
Remove this creature from these walls.

41) Trylleformular til at besejre Libris (Prue)
Demon hide your evil face,
Libris, die and leave no trace.

43) Trylleformular til at besejre Anarkiets Dæmon (Piper og Phoebe)
Sower of discord
Your works now must cease
I vanquish thee now
With these words of peace

44) Trylleformular til at besejre Dragedæmonen (Prue, Piper og Phoebe)
The power of three will set us free
The power of three will set us free
The power of three will set us free